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Prestigious, Rewarding, Safety Oriented.

The Drivers at Panhandle Express, LLC are appreciated, and play a vital role in the overall success of the company.  We value our drivers and are very proud of our fleet of professionals. 

We believe in work-life balance. Our driver’s schedules are 5 days on, 2 days off. This way, they can work hard, earn a great living, maintain a great home life, keep up with their families and take care of personal errands. 

Take a look below at all the benefits offered to drivers at Panhandle Express, LLC as well as our current open positions. 

Each position is open to many parking locations across the Texas Panhandle. If you feel you’d be a good fit for a driving position, please apply using the “Apply” link below or on any specific position’s page. 


Competitive Salary

Our company drivers average between $68,000 – $80,000. We take great pride in offering pay that enables employees to support their families.


We offer competitive plans covering medical, vision, and life insurance. These benefits kick in on the first of the month following 60 days.

401k + Matching

Save for your retirement with our company 401k plan. We have a company match to assist in your future goals. 

Paid Vacation

We believe in working to live, not in living to work. Paid vacation time is offered to all company drivers after 1 year of employment. 

Paid orientation

We offer an organized, one day orientation (paid) so you can get the training you need to be successful in your job. 


Our drivers are eligible to receive quarterly safety bonuses, roadside inspection bonuses, and discounted gym memberships.



At Panhandle Express, LLC we are proud of the safety culture that we’ve created. Such a culture begins with each employee knowing company policy, procedure and processes, the manner in which they are to be accomplished and why these approaches to operations are critical. Being diligent to these beliefs over the past five years has helped develop Panhandle Express, LLC into being known as “The Professional Transportation Source.”

The Safety Department at Panhandle Express, LLC takes great pride in its training programs, employee recognition, and safety awards. Through ongoing safety meetings we strive to always deliver the most current safety trends and practices to our employees.

One of the ways transportation companies are measured is through the Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System. This system takes into account crash data and roadside inspections over the course of the prior two years through the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program (CSA). We invite you to take a look at these numbers and we further invite you to compare them to other transportation companies.


Treating our team like family for 16 years


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